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 Corruption going professional.

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PostSubject: Corruption going professional.   Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:55 pm

As you may notice as of now several things have changed on the forums and there is more to come.
Corruption has taken it's first steps in the professional private server community.

This results in several new guidelines considering our staff:

1) Staff members that appear unactive on the forum for longer than a week without notifying an owner will be temporary stripped of their powers and status. *
2) Staff positions in game do not quarantee the same position on the forum, contact an owner if you feel to prove us wrong about your specific case and we will put it on the list for our next meeting.
3) We are currently putting together a special staff team and for this we will need willing members to become part of our staff team. However not everyone qualifies ofcourse. We advice you to check the application forum frequently and when you see a job that is vacant and we're currently looking for feel free to apply but remember, follow the specific application guidelines.
4) New official forum rules have been composed and they can be read here.

*The temporary demotion can be recalled by contacting an owner with a valid explanation.
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Corruption going professional.
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