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 CBox Application

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Nooby Poster! >.<
Nooby Poster! >.

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PostSubject: CBox Application   Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:54 am

Hi, I'm Twister, and I'd like to apply for a CBox staff position.
If your not accepting at the moment, please let me know, and delete this thread, thanks.
Also, if theres any other staff positions, put me in the correct one, if this doesn't only apply to CBox.

IN-Game name:
Real Life name:
Dean A.
12, yes I know thats a little young for this server, but I know alot of C++, computer technology, and I have great grammar, unless it's a hard ass word, Wink
Contact information:
Dean313@live.com, Dean313@ymail.com, soon enough my new server, I'll add that later. Also, -6 GMT, I'm on every other day, so today, I'm usually not online, and I also have school, so that will cut off 3/4 of my time on CorruptionV4.
My hobbies are, religious, sports, gaming, and somewhat school.
Have you ever been a cbox moderator?:
Yes, I was pretty successful, until I resigned.
have you ever participated in a game team in any position? How did that turn out?:
Yes, I used to own my own RSPS, and my own C&C Renegade server, and an IRCd. You might have heard Pavel, from somewhere, or me from RuneKeep, I used to be co-owner of XScape123, very great server. It had alot of users. I'm currently in development at the moment, RuneWink, I just stopped by, found this server, and thought it was great. Smile
Who do you admire most?:
I admire people helping people, which you usually never see on the internet.
Why do you want/diserve this position?:
I deserve this position, because I can improve CorruptionV4, aswell as the community.

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CBox Application
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