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 Cbox Application

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Nooby Poster! >.<
Nooby Poster! >.

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PostSubject: Cbox Application   Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:04 pm

In game name

real life name


15, May 28,1994

contact information

basketball,baseball,soccer,football,golf,tennis,paintball,computer and track

Have you ever been Cbox moderator
Not yet, This is one of the only runescape private servers i play.

Have you ever participated in game team in any position, how do that turn out
I was mod for a server,it closed down after a week.

What do you admire most
I admire everything about this server i would give 20/10

Why do you want/diserve this position
I want it because i am very active on corruption and can help reduce innapropiate language.
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Cbox Application
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