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 Devastation Pkers

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sqkuid_ward XD
Nooby Poster! >.<
Nooby Poster! >.

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PostSubject: Devastation Pkers   Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:50 pm

leader: blood vs jad
co-leader: check me 0ut
captain: sqkuid ward

we are a clan that is 90+ or 80+ with a combat skill over 85.
we take our pking seriously, but we have fun doing it Very Happy
you cant be afraid to lose your stuff..we hate 1-itemers.

please reply to this with your user name and stats and we will announce weather we accept you or not.
we hope for new members everyday so, theres no deadline

we also find skillers usefull for runes and food, soo f any skillers would like to join that would be great =)

we accept pures with a combat stat over 90..and zerkers with ONLY 45 def


our home base is at the green drags soo...if we pm you thats where we meet..thats also where we pk

we go pking everyday around 12am eastern time...convert it yourself =)

everyone in this clan must wear a firecape when we have events, and pk trips


combat lvl?
highest stat?
pking style? (i.e.) range/mage/etc.
account class? (i.e.) zerker/mage pure?etc.
are you willing to do whatever it takes to help your clan mates in battle?

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Devastation Pkers
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