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 pking succesion guide

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blood vs jad
Nooby Poster! >.<
Nooby Poster! >.

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PostSubject: pking succesion guide   Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:05 pm

first i want to introduce my self as blood vs jad
ok this is my first pkin guide so rate it 1-10

ok well first thing u need to know before pkin is never pj......... never bring your best gear always bring some gear that is buyable again you dont wana go out there and get killed and be mad all day cause u lost ur best item

ok well first i would suggest if your a range/mage pker you bring rune arrows at least 100 not all your arrows just like 100 and mage never mage wit regular mage because it sucks for most ppl but i would suggest u always use ancient i would suggest 500 waters 300 bloods and 200 deaths saying this because waters get used up by six when u use barrage...but ok and for range/mage gear i would say magic bow/bring an ancient staff/ghostly top bottom and mage book and fury of amulet and make sure you got rune c bow if u got 99 range because thats like k.o right there

2nd if your a zerker i would suggest 2 gars i would suggest 1 for attack and one for defence ok well for attack i would have to closely say void because it hits way more often and then next for defence i would say fighter torso rune plate legs or skirt and warrior helm... and to use for it is dragon scim if u wana do whip which i wouldnt suggest using it just in case u accidentely get up some defence and always bring str pots and prayer pots for piety and bring attk pots if u think it will help

remember this is blood vs jad and thank you for reading my pking success guide.... main pkin guide will be coming soon and so as dds pure and barrows pure and all the rest Very Happy
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sqkuid_ward XD
Nooby Poster! >.<
Nooby Poster! >.

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PostSubject: Re: pking succesion guide   Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:08 pm

thanks! because of this guide im a wayy better pker!
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pking succesion guide
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