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 money guide!!

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blood vs jad
Nooby Poster! >.<
Nooby Poster! >.

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PostSubject: money guide!!   Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:26 pm

you come here for one thing and for one thing only to be a multimillionaire your in the right place.lets me introduce my self im blood vs jad and ill be telling you about how to make money on corruption!!!!!

ok first for beginners i would suggest you fight and train at rock krabs and get caskets and sell your items that you get from caskets or you can go to gwd and go to saradomin wizards and kill them for d boots but remember if u dont got prayer bring food if you do got prayer use it and thats all you need

pking is a good way of making money but if you die you lose money ooooooooooo i feel sorry for you you lose your stuff

intermidiates which is lvls 60 through 80 go to kbd and hit up some dfs for a while and sell for 400mil thats a good way to make money or you can always go to the merchant ways (= or you can even do kalphite queen

experts this is all you right here hit up some gwd and kill that general...he is hard at times but you always bring a team there never solo or you can even do king dags with team but never do it by ur self your gonna wish you never did

skillers guide coming soon

this is blood vs jad with another important guide so rate it 1-10 thank you (=
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money guide!!
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