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 GreenPk breaking rule.

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Alright Poe...Ster =]
Alright Poe...Ster =]

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PostSubject: GreenPk breaking rule.   Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:45 am

Your in-game username:Twister

The user who committed the offences username:GreenPk

When the offence occured:Pking in KBD Lair.

Give a short discriptive summary of what happened:He pked my friend at kbd lair, got owned, then restarted his client, and he attkd me, but I don't have full parts. Just one screenshot.

Did you inform a staff member? if so wht did they do?:No, no one was on at the moment.

Have you done anything to solve the poblem:Yes, I told him it's against the rules to Pk at the KBD Lair.

Other information:Screenshot:

Doesn't look like that good of evidence, but you can interrogate me and archive, thanks.

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GreenPk breaking rule.
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