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 SALE! *Alot*

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Alright Poe...Ster =]
Alright Poe...Ster =]

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PostSubject: SALE! *Alot*   Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:07 pm

Hi, I'm selling these items, you can just RELPY here only, thanks.


Current Items:
Dragon Claws (1)
Dharok's Helmet (1)
Dharok's Platebody (1)
Dharok's Platelegs (1)
Dharok's Axe (1)

Veracs set without Flail
Pirate hat (1)
Karil's bow (1)
Karil's Platebody (1)
Karil's Plateskirt (1)
128 Bolt Racks
Guthan's Platebody (1)
Guthan's Plateskirt (1)

Torag Platebody (1)
Torag Hammers (1)
Zamorak Godsword (1)
Armadyl Godsword (1)
Saradomin Godsword (1)
Bandos Chestplate (1)
Bandos Tassets (1)

Please offer, I will have prices soon, once I take a break. ;p
Start your offers!
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SALE! *Alot*
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