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 In-Game rules

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PostSubject: In-Game rules   Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:41 pm

1) Do not Kill/Fight Administrators + unless they start to fight with you first (You may attack Moderators)
Please do not fight administrators as they are trying to help the game. If they keep getting attacked it is harder for them to go about the game trying to fix glitches and find people who require help. If an administrator attacks you first you may attack back. You may not start a fight with a administrator. You may attack moderators. If you are found doing this you will be kicked from the game. Note: Many administrators can "1-hit" this is so if users try to attack them, They will get killed. Administrators with "1-hit" powers will NEVER attack you first.

2) Do not attempt to spam the server with bots or links
Spamming the server with messages, links or bots will not be accepted, If you are found doing this you will be IP banned from the server, forum and chatrooms, We dont accept people trying to spam our server as it makes the atmosphere for other users uncomfortable and annoying

3) Respect all staff, Do as your asked the first time
Please respect all of the server staff, They are here to help you, If you do not do as a staff member asks the first time you will be told again, After which point a staff member is authorized to either kick you from the server or ban you from the server. If they are asking you to do something they are asking you to do it for your own safety, Not for there amusement

4) Do not ask to become Moderator/Administrator. We find our own staff
Please do not ask to become a Moderator or Administrator on the server. We find our own staff via the applications on the forums or we find users on the server who we think deserve it. If you are found to be asking for staff, You will be permanently blacklisted from becoming a staff member

5) Do not attempt to ban evade on the server. Your IP will be banned!
Please do not attempt to ban evade. If your user name has been banned and you come back on the server with a different user name you are ban evading. We dont ban users if they come back on a different user name and there user name has been banned we only ban users if there IP has been banned and they come back onto the server whilst the IP Ban is still in effect. We will turn on our blocker which will automatically ban you!

6) Do not PM (Personal Message) Administrators or Moderators
Administrators and Moderators are very busy people and they try to help everyone who requires help on the server as well as dealing with spam bots, bugs on the networks and other problems that can occur, We do not have time to reply to your messages and it is annoying when you message us and we are trying to get in contact with other staff. If you are caught PM'ing staff you will be warned a max of twice. After which point you will be kicked, If you do it again, You will be banned from the server

7) Do not use game bugs to your advantage
If you find a glitch in the game please report it on the forums if there is no member of staff online or contact a member of staff on the network with the follow command: ::yell Found a glitch - Tele to me - AABR8 and a member of staff will come to you. If you use this bug to your unfair advantage and/or you tell other users about the glitch you will be banned from the server.

Cool Do not attempt to steal other users passwords
Attempting to steal a users password is not allowed. If you are found to be asking a user for there passwords a staff member will ban you on sight and you will be IP banned. If you try and get a password of a user you are making the server insecure. That user may be a hidden staff member and you will be banned,

9) Do not ask any staff member to spawn items for you
Please dont take advantage of any new staff members by asking them to Spawn for you. Some new staff members who are not up to speed with the way the server works may try and spawn it for you. Please dont take advantage and ask them for it, They will always check with a admin if its okay even if they are not up to speed with how we work as it is in the TOS when they applied to become a staff member. You may be banned if you attempt to do this!

10) Do not tell anyone your password
ANY Staff will never ask you for your password. Please do not give it out to any users or someone claiming to be server staff member. Please report them to Crash or Steve and they will be dealt with. If you give out your password, You are as much to blame and therefore you will be warned, kicked and then banned

11) Do not give out personal details
Please do not give out any information about yourself, This rule is here to help keep all of our users safe whilst on the server. If you give out information you may be reported and then a staff member will mute you for your own safety. If you are caught doing it again, You will be permanently muted
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In-Game rules
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